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About Us - The Story of the 4th Line

So, who are 4th liners? 

  In the words of a current NHL coach, they are “honest, hard-working hockey players”.  Muckers, grinders, the guys with heart who are the unsung heroes that often make the difference between winning and losing.  The ones you know will play hard, and will do whatever it takes for the team, and the win.  And that’s who we are.


Jamie Butt grew up in a small town in Alberta, where like many Canadian boys, he was consumed with the hockey dream.  But through hard work and determination he went a lot further than most, playing 4 years in the Western Hockey League, and ultimately being drafted by the New York Rangers in 1994.  Known for his gritty and hard-nosed play, he was forced to retire because of back injuries that resulted from the years of pounding he endured.  Undaunted, he returned to professional hockey a year-and-a-half later, for the sheer love of the game.  Today, he continues to be part of the hockey community, where, as a successful coach of competitive youth hockey, he imparts that 4th line passion and attitude on to the next generation. 


Carl Jerome has played hockey his entire life (or at least as long as he can remember) for the pure love of the game, in the spirit of a 4th liner.  But it’s apart from hockey where he has truly embodied the life of a 4th liner: in serving his country as a Ranger in the U.S. Army.  In that capacity, Carl has been deployed to Afghanistan twice (2002 and 2003), leading 9-man squads on numerous patrols; where honest, hard work for the team means the difference between life and death.  And, of course, when not in the line of duty for his country he continues to bring that grit and dedication to the ice, where he knows that any time you’re playing hockey (and playing hard), it’s a good day. 


Joe Smith (Smitty) has been playing hockey since early childhood.  As a player, Smitty is known for his hard work and tenacious play.  Nicknamed “The Bulldog” by his teammates, Smitty lead his high school team in penalty killing, displaying the grit and determination emblematic of what 4th Line Hockey represents. Now a successful businessman, Smitty is known for having a great taste in fashion, which he lends to the outstanding line of all 4LH apparel


We are passionate about the 4th Line lifestyle, on and off the ice and we want to honor that lifestyle. Which is why we’ve created a line of clothing for all the other 4th Liners out there.






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