My Suit For Battle Part 2

Last week, I shared some of my equipment that I primarily use these days. This week I continue on with the discussion.

 Toronto Maple Leafs Suit of Armor

(Not I, I would not be caught dead in... A Toronto suit of armor) 

You can see my skates, pants and helmet here: My Suit For Battle Part 1

Part 2

My stick – CCM Ribcor (Duchene):

CCM Ribcor Hockey Stick

I am very picky when it comes to the stick I use. I am sure most of us are. And I believe you should be too, at least to a degree.

When I was younger I was pushed toward wood sticks. I am happy I started youth hockey playing with the wooden sticks, I truly believe it helps player development. I will discuss more about my opinion on wooden sticks in the future. However, as I got older I started to go toward two-piece sticks. It had a cool concept, like lacrosse in being able to create your perfect wand. However, either I never had a good one or a one-piece is just a much better tool to use.

In my senior year, all of my sticks had broken in a game. I was forced to buy the cheapest thing in the rink’s shop. Came out with a white/blue reebok pro stick, and I never looked back. Maybe it was my preferred blade, maybe it was a good height for me off the bat and maybe the flex was just my type. But I will tell you that the difference in a release was far better and I went out to score 4 goals and 3 assists in a night. I do not like discussing my past stats, but it was the first time I scored 7 points in a single game (never again). Maybe it was the stick? I don’t know, I did go on to double my point totals for the remainder of the year.

In college, I started using the Easton S19 and that is still my favorite stick of all time. I wish I could find a solid one still today. A Zetterberg/Stamkos type of blade. I was always favoring the flatter of curves, I took pride in practicing the back hand moves. 

(That's my boy ^^^^)

I have been through many sticks since then but I have now been on the Reebok game again. The 20K has a similar feel to the S19. Its light for sure, but weight does not nearly mean as much to me as it weight distribution does. I hate both bottom heavy and top heavy sticks, the worst to play with. No correct feel. Furthermore, The 20K has the right type of feel to it. A lot of sticks especially the cheaper ones, they feel cheaper. I have found some good sticks that feel like that, so do not get me wrong. But this stick feels sturdier. It’s a more top of the line stick, but I have seen even more expensive sticks feel cheap.

When you pick a stick, you know it right away if it can work for you or not. The 20K is starting to chip and I am looking into a new stick already but for the last year or two its served a purpose. I should look into the Colt Unbreakable hockey stick. Any thoughts?

Shin-pads – Easton Mako –

Bought them during my Mako craze. I really liked the ideas that were behind their equipment designs. I am not sure why it did not do well, or as well as I believe they thought it would do. However, its prices have all dropped since dramatically and they are all very valuable.

The gloves were among the first to showcase more bend in the wrist and finger flex areas. The shoulder pads were a wrap, as oppose to a shell over the upper body, and that allowed for more range of motion in skating. I love them. Well, the shin pads were just as impressive to me. The knee pad has more degrees of motion to allow for less movement restrictions. It also had a washable piece that comes off inside. I did not care too much about the overall shin-pads. I bought these for a solid price even even for M3. Like I explained in part 1, sometimes these “upgraded” models are not much more than a simple fabric change. A difference that most of us should not worry about.

Image result for RoboCop 

I have had these now for some time, I recommend them. 

Gloves – Verbero Dextra Pro Glove

Got a pair of these as soon as I saw them.  Granted, I was in need of a new pair but I believe in what the company is about and I believe in their products. At a fair value, they are providing quality gloves. Yet its not all that what makes me like them the most. Unlike any glove I have ever seen, these are tight to the actual hand without feeling suffocated. They actually feel like winter gloves, just with great protection. I am not the biggest fan of oversized gloves, I cannot stand too small. By acting more like a lacrosse glove, it gives you less free space with quality comfort. I just started to utilize them as they are relatively a new product but I think it allows me to have more stick control.


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