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Ahhh yes, those eternal words that ring inside the head of every kid who adored hockey in the 90's and the rag-tag group of misfits that composed of the District-5 dream team. Gordon Bombay's inspirational speech that ignited the hearts of many has made a staple in the hockey community for generations and has trumped the questionable play and acting in the trilogy we know as the "Mighty Ducks".

Anaheim has since parted ways with the "Mighty" and watched "The Ducks" captured its first Stanley Cup in 2007. Although it was not "Captain Spaz-Way" that lifted the cup, the cult classic fan base still remained loyal to the NHL franchise as they all cheered in triumphant victory.

Sadly those days are gone, a hockey presence on the big screen has been as common as tickets sales to a Florida Panthers game (essentially non-existent). With the exception of "Goon" hockey has died and pail in comparison of football and baseball films. "The Love Guru" and "Breakaway" were the only other films to have represented a premise of hockey and we can safely say if you own a copy of the movie you remorse the money spent on it, and the time you will never get back from watching it. Given the performance of the both California based teams in LA and Anaheim the time is now to bring a new hockey based film into the homes of 'Mercia, the bright lights of Hollywood and the movie screen.

Be advised this should be done with Americans in mind, no Canadian needs or ever will need to be persuaded into hockey; we are baptised in the culture. With rumours of the NHL of yet again expanding further and deeper into the states (be it Seattle or Las Vegas), it will need a shot in the arm to help create a firm fan base for a future franchise to come like the Mighty Ducks did for Anaheim.

There are some reference points for this future film to rely upon. Feel free to check out the boys of "Mystery, Alaska" or Patrick Swayze in "YoungBlood". Try to avoid "MVP: Most Valuable Primate" which is rumoured to star a very hairy Nathan Gerbe and any instalment into the Slap Shot series after the original; you've seen the Hanson's antics once, you've seen it a thousand times.

Will this inspire future kids to put down the video game controller and pick up a twig to wheel, snipe, and celly? Who knows, until then one can only dust off a classic hockey flick, get the popcorn ready, and try to keep yourself occupied for the next NHL season.


-Jacob for 4th Line Hockey


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