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Today, I wanted to bring to you something from a goalie's perspective. A few weeks back, I posted methods on budget for a hockey player. For vets and newbies. Save Money Playing Hockey

As usual, I share my blogs with the Reddit community. A quick way to submit to people you know who will be interested. And BOY!, were they interested. In fact, I got so much more to learn about saving money on sports and from the game I have played for over 20 years! Check out these comments and more here: Redditor Guide to Buying Hockey Equipment.

Goalie Equipment schematic

Immediately, one comment caught my attention. No offense to the dozens of other great comments but this one hit it home with goaltenders.

As a skater, I typically forget about the POV of goalies. Usually only care to score and see their reactions...  I simply do not know much about it even though I wish to learn more. I have a feeling one of my children one day will be a netminder. Just a feeling (When I ask to shoot on them all day and night ;) ) 

You can check out the official comment at the Reddit site above, or simply read below to see their response. It helped my teammates, I am sure it will help you! 

Reddit Tips on Goalie Equipment

"Goaltenders are left out. Unfortunately that is probably the most expensive position in the top US Sports (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey). Here are my tips for playing for cheap:

Buy used until you are fully grown

and will be playing for a while. If you are short you will be able to find a lot of used gear as youngsters are always growing. Even in NYC I find a ton of goalie gear on Craigslist, from pads to full gear for a reasonable price.

Don't cheap out on skates, helmet, or cup.

That said you don't need a 400$ skate or $700 helmet. Bauer has a great helmet for a reasonable price and I got new Bauer skates for about $175. I love them. Sharpening is by preference but I do it once every 10 games or so. I personally don't like them very sharp, just enough to shuffle well.

When you are ready to buy new you don't need pro model anything. Protection and comfort are all you need.

Don't worry about the colors, I prefer all white to be honest as it fits any team and my crazy mind thinks it messes with shooters who may "see" an opening. If you are an adult and will be playing for a bit it is ok to spend over 800$ on leg pads because a good set will last a lifetime of rec league. In my suit for battle part 1 & part 2, I go over the hockey equipment I use and why I chose them.

Get a decent wood stick and keep it dry.

Composite isn't a necessity. I have not used Twigz but I know other goaltenders who swear by them for the price and product.

Goaltenders are usually free

at open hockey, so get on the ice whenever possible. Most adult teams chip in on goaltenders as well, keeping your season cost down and allowing you to purchase the equipment you need.

Keep your gear dry.

It is ok to air it out in the sun but too long and the leather will break down too fast. an X-equipment manager who runs my league always advises a cool, dry basement to keep gear from getting (too) smelly and weak, prolonging their life and the life of whatever romantic relationship you may have (jokes)

Have Fun!

Goaltending is best when you don't stress yourself. You'll let in a shitty goal once in a while. Deal with it. Got a big lead? play the puck more aggressive. Be vocal to your teammates and don't take shit in the blue. Having fun makes whatever funds invested completely worth it."


There is a lot of great info here and this is why I wanted to share it with the 4th Line Hockey family here. Even if you are not a goalie, you can learn a lot from what was preached here. Learn from everything you can, even if you think there is no value to it. 

A Look at Old School Hockey Goalie Equipment

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