Fighting in Hockey: The Spirit Of The Enforcer

Jamie Butt Feed Jerome Iginla a few knuckle sandwiches


If you like hockey, you've most likely been asked “what do you think of fighting in hockey?”

I am personally for fighting in hockey. Do whatever makes you happy, of course that's just my opinion. In the same breath, hockey has served generations of players knuckle sandwiches and remains a staple in the game today.

4th line hockey believes fighting deserves to be our game. Here's why:

It Has Purpose

   If you're the kind of person who thinks hockey fighting is barbaric, knuckle-dragging, lowest common denominator behavior, once again I'm pro-choice. But there are people in the dressing that have a presence on the ice that keep a general order of things. Think of it this way, when you see a cop car on the highway you generally slow down, not that you're flying around recklessly endangering people around you, but if you were you kindly check yourself before you wreck yourself. Same goes for an enforcer. If you make a nasty run at a player or get a bit too comfortable with your stick as an axe, you'll get a 1 round bout at centre ice.

It Has Value

   Lace em' up, put on your bucket and go to work. If you've played the game you know that dropping the mitts is something all players respect. It's all about leaving it all on the ice and solving the disputes you have within the 60 minutes on the score clock. It brings players closer together, boosts team morale and respect amongst one another. Watch a bench on any level when two opposing players pair up and go for a dance, everyone is cheering there guy on, as a sign of respect. When a players drops the gloves, it's for a reason.

It's not going anywhere....for now.

   For those who watch other sports, you can not deny the entertainment factor of the NHL. Fighting plays a big part of that. If your club is down 3 goals after one period a good ol' fashion scrap can put your team right back in the game. Combine that with end-to-end action at blazing speed and I can't help but think it's the best sport available. Scraps do bring a bit more danger to the sport but these guys are firing vulcanize rubber at speeds of over 100mph, throwing 200+ lbs of man at each other at speeds of 30mph while running around on sharpened steel, the element of danger is well aware to those who are in the game. It's a part of the culture. It's Ol' Time Hockey. If someone wants to drop the gloves, you drop the gloves! *cheers* (GORDY!)Long story short, hockey isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you are so opposed to fighting and your reality show isn't on tonight, no friends reruns and you somehow have forgotten to turn off theTV and you find yourself forced to watch a game of hockey, be pro-choice. Save your opinions for someone else, cram your mouth with a cold one and some tortilla chips because I'm trying to watch the game. You don't want fighting off the ice if you're so concerned about the fights on the ice, right?


-Jacob Hill for 4th Line Hockey
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